About Meghan



Meghan Breyer, NBCT, M.Ed. is a veteran elementary educator with fifteen years of classroom teaching and instructional leadership experience. She grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and currently lives in downtown Chicago. Meghan is passionate about improving today’s educational landscape, and believes in every individual student’s ability to succeed and thrive, regardless of their academic profile, social-emotional needs, or home environment. In her many years as an educator, Meghan has developed exceptional communication skills and was recognized school-wide for her ability to partner with parents and families to ensure each and every one of her students felt understood, valued, and supported.

Meghan received her bachelor’s degree in French from Washington University in Saint Louis and Master of Science in Elementary Education from Northwestern University. She is a lifelong learner. In 2014, Meghan earned National Board Certification in Literacy and Language Arts, a prestigious honor from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Meghan remains committed to staying up to date on socio-emotional and academic best practices, supported by the most current research and data. She returned to Northwestern University in 2016 to complete an Instructional Coaching certification program.

Meghan’s areas of educational expertise include:

-Working with schools, families, and students to educate and problem solve around various socio-emotional topics, such as the female culture of aggression and the rise of “mean girls” that exists in schools and at home with social media today

-Working with schools, families, and students to develop consistent curriculum and practices to foster growth mindset in students

-Curriculum design focused on providing student-driven and authentic learning experiences that aspire to move away from extrinsic motivation and toward intrinsic motivation

-Working with schools, communities, and non-profit organizations to develop service learning/social justice curricula to address relevant social issues that affect our children

-Academic support, both one to one and small group, in reading, writing, and math.


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