Family Consulting Services

Meghan Breyer Consulting offers a variety of services dedicated to your child and family. In addition to the services listed below, we provide customized assistance, guidance, and support based on your unique needs.

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Strategic Planning offers comprehensive guidance and action steps for parents who are seeking additional support for their child's success in school. This service includes: three face-to-face meetings with the parents and child, classroom observations to assess who they are as a social individual and academic student, advocacy partnership meetings with your child's teacher and school support team, creation of a detailed plan to ensure your child's ability to thrive in their school environment.



As a parent, it is natural for you to want  to act as your child's fiercest advocate. This role can be highly emotional and stressful due to your love for your child and proximity to the situation. With Student Advocacy, Meghan Breyer will serve as an outsider with expertise in child development and the world of education who can guide you, and  equip your child with strong self-advocacy skills. Meghan will ensure that your child and family have a strong, thoughtful voice that will be heard by necessary parties.



If you or your child's current school determine that it is in your child's best interest to seek a different school environment, we can assist with this seemingly overwhelming transition. Using a large body of knowledge about Chicago and suburban schools' philosophy, services, and personnel, we can assist in your search for your child's "perfect fit" school.

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