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               Change Starts Here Launch Event

               Change Starts Here Launch Event

We Are The Change is a curriculum that grew out of Meghan Breyer’s work as the Humanities Instructional Leader at a local Nursery through Eighth Grade independent school. While working to strengthen the school’s Service Learning curriculum, Meghan identified an important and overlooked opportunity that could be addressed directly: Segregation in the city of Chicago causes students from affluent and poor neighborhoods to remain closed off from one another and from the rest of the world. Because these students rarely, if ever, interact, our current reality is perpetuated -  bias, bigotry, and hate remain commonplace in everyday life. Change Starts Here strives to be the antidote to this problem by providing meaningful interactions between students of differing backgrounds.


                            With Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells, Founder, KWOE Hope Foundation

                            With Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells, Founder, KWOE Hope Foundation

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Girls Empowered


Girls Empowered is a five week program dedicated to helping young girls and adolescents face today’s challenging social climate. Participants will learn how to deal  with mean girl mentalities, bullying, and cyberbullying, in emotionally healthy and empowering ways. Girls Empowered is particularly important to Meghan. After moving in the middle of the third grade to a Chicago suburb, Meghan battled shyness for most of her childhood. She was often a target for mean girls, which helps her to relate in authentic ways to the experiences of the girls she coaches. Her many years as a classroom teacher afforded her a great deal of “field experience” in working with girls and issues of gossip, rumor spreading, exclusion, and bullying. This experience has helped her to develop her social-emotional and conflict resolution coaching skills.


Growth mindset: the success of failure (a professional development seminar)

Growth Mindset: The Success of Failure, is a three hour professional development session geared toward faculty and educators who want to learn how to implement a Growth Mindset curriculum that blends seamlessly with their curricular goals. Recognition of growth and fixed mindsets came out of Stanford University through the research of Carol Dweck, a Stanford based psychologist. Meghan's expertise and extensive learning about current research on this scientific phenomenon, in addition to several years as a classroom teacher who was recognized community wide for her successful approach to instilling her students with a growth mindset, Meghan is uniquely positioned to share her knowledge with other educators in order to benefit a larger body of students. Using a combination of discussion and hands-on activities, participants will leave with a thorough understanding of what Growth Mindset is, why it is important, and how we can empower our future leaders (our students) with such a powerful asset.



Parents' Perspective is a seminar series based on Meghan's expertise and knowledge on a variety of topics, ranging from the latest curricular and educational trends to social-emotional child development. Some of her past Parent Seminars include:

  • Parents Empowered (A Partner Program to Girls Empowered)
  • Self-Confidence Through Accomplishment: Expeditionary Learning In The Classroom
  • Growth Mindset and the Gift of Failure
  • Intrinsic Motivation: Raising Children With Drive

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