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Girls Empowered is a five week program dedicated to helping young girls and adolescents face today’s challenging social climate. Participants will learn how to deal  with mean girl mentalities, bullying, and cyberbullying, in emotionally healthy and empowering ways. Girls Empowered is particularly important to Meghan. After moving in the middle of the third grade to a Chicago suburb, Meghan battled shyness for most of her childhood. She was often a target for mean girls, which helps her to relate in authentic ways to the experiences of the girls she coaches. Her many years as a classroom teacher afforded her a great deal of “field experience” in working with girls and issues of gossip, rumor spreading, exclusion, and bullying. This experience has helped her to develop her social-emotional and conflict resolution coaching skills.



Parents Empowered is a companion program to the Girls Empowered program. Based upon the research and writing of Rachel Simmons, cofounder of the Girls Leadership Institute,  this program is a five-part seminar series designed to provide parents with the most up to date research on the social dynamics girls may face in their elementary and middle school years, the program will equip them with the tools to help them raise authentic daughters who possess self-confidence and courage. Each seminar will include a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities.

Session One: The “Good Girl”

Session Two: The Good Girl Reality: Emotional Intelligence, Social Rituals and the Myths That Hold Girls Back

Session Three: BFF 2.0: Cyberbullying, Cyberdrama, and the Realities of the Social Media Landscape Today

Session Four: Helping Our Girls Through Social Drama, Bullying, and Everything In Between

Session Five: Parent-Daughter Workshop


Let Them Fail, a two part seminar series, provides parents with the knowledge and tools to face this type of situation and others similar to it in ways  that will benefit the emotional growth of their children. Through discussions and interactive activities, parents will learn about Growth Mindset, a scientific concept first discovered and explained by Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, and why parenting in a way that encourages this mindset is so important.  Participants will learn what the most current research on the importance of failure and its relationship to success. Finally, they will leave equipped with practical strategies to support their children’s ability to become resilient, independent, and responsible children who are not derailed, but rather bolstered, by their failures.

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