Student Workshops


Growth Mindset Workshop

In 2006, Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck completed brain research that revealed the existence of two types of mindsets in humans. The first, growth mindset, is based in the belief that intelligence and skill are malleable and can be grown with hard work. People who possess the second type of mindset, fixed mindset, believe that intelligence is innate and determined at birth. Dweck discovered that people who possessed a growth mindset had the ability to persevere in the face of setbacks and challenge, increasing their self-esteem and opportunities for success. This ten session workshop focuses on teaching its participants about the power their brains truly possess. Hands-on, interactive activities will help participants to develop an unwavering growth mindset. Sessions include:

Everyone Can Learn!

Our Brains Are Muscles That Grow

Loving Challenges

The Gift of Feedback

Turning Wishes Into Goals

Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities

The Power Of Yet

Mistakes Push Us Forward

I Got This!

New Day, New Opportunity

Available for children ages 8-14.


Math minds at work

Students' math experiences in schools today seem to fall into one of two categories: exciting and invigorating or ridden with anxiety and stress. Despite popular belief, there is no such thing as a "math mind". Every individual has the ability and capacity to become a strong math thinker. Math Minds At Work offers programming for students who love math and seek more opportunities for challenge, as well as students who are far from viewing themselves as successful math thinkers. Meghan has based this program on the most current research on best practice math instruction to develop strong number sense and conceptual understanding of the most foundational math skills. Eight week sessions of Math Minds At Work will engage students in fun, collaborative, and interactive real world math situations to help them build self-confidence and to foster an existing love of mathematics. Math Minds At Work is available for children ages 7-10.


Book Clubs

Customized four and eight week long book clubs led by Meghan Breyer are available both during the academic school year and in the summer for groups of six to ten students ages 8-12. Clubs can be customized to address a certain topic, genre, or interest of the participants. Each book club gathering will afford participants to engage in authentic, hands-on activities designed to reinforce and strengthen reading skills, including: decoding, fluency, reading with expression, comprehension, and critical thinking.

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