Over the course of my work with Meghan, I was extremely impressed not only by her professionalism, attention to detail and organization, but also her rapport with students. It is clear from watching Meghan interact with students for just a few minutes that she is passionate about her career as an educator, and possesses a rare talent in relating to students from all backgrounds and makes them feel comfortable to be themselves. She possesses empathy that allows her to reach children in a way that many others cannot.

-Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells
President and Founder, K.W.O.E. Hope Foundation
Owner, FLOW Entertainment 


There has been no finer teacher, or more passionate advocate for our daughter ever, than Meghan Breyer. Her credentials are impeccable, her love of teaching and advocating for her students is sincere and unrivaled, and she is uniquely qualified to excel at any task which is bestowed upon her.

-David Sackar, Parent


Meghan is an exceptional teacher who connects with her students both on an educational level and a personal level. I believe she motivates her students exceptionally well by really getting to know them, then by building their self confidence and trust in themselves and their abilities. My daughter absolutely adored Meghan as her teacher and they continue to have a personal relationship. Meghan's care and love for her students doesn't end when the school year ends.

-Adam Sager, Parent


My daughter was a student of Meghan's. What Meghan (Miss Breyer) was able to accomplish with her classmates last year was a highlight of our time at the school. Her passion for teaching and her connection with the students make Meghan such a special teacher. What she taught my daughter,  and my husband and I, will stay with us always. Meghan made our daughter a better student and my husband and I better parents and we are incredibly grateful. 

-Parent of Former Student


Meghan is a passionate, creative, and dedicated educator who always looks through the lens of what's best for students. She is extremely talented in curriculum development, project-based learning, Expeditionary Learning, and in assessing for understanding. I've seen Meghan thrive as a teacher and transition to academic leadership, and she is one of the hardest-working people I know!

-Noah Hartman, Former Head of School

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